Why my PC is Slow?

Why my computer is slow?

How to speed up my PC?

All of us are facing the same problem with our Windows Operating System, after installing a new fresh Windows on our PCs, over time it becomes slower.
There are many reasons behind the Windows performance speed that share the responsibility and play the role of affecting the speed.

>> Viruses, Trojans and Spy wares

Many types of Viruses and Spy wares designed to reduce the Operating System speed as well as the other side effects that come with their infection.

>> Free disk space

Is one of the most effective factors that slow down the performance, and that happened when there is no enough free disk space on the hard drive the processor needs for saving thousands of temporary files during it’s operations.

>> Temporary / Unused files and shortcuts

Windows, during normal operation searchs for different files within all the existing ones, this action makes the Windows perform slower specially the temporary files which are increasing daily so we have to get rid of them periodically.

>> Driver Conflict (What is a Driver??)

Sometimes when you install the wrong driver or an old one for a specific device recently connected to the PC will cause a very slow performance for the Windows, and sometimes it causes the device to work abnormally like the Sound card or the Video Card etc …

>> Registry Files (What is a registry file??)

Many garbage files stick inside the registry files after many operations like installing or uninstalling software, those files affect the processor search speed inside the registry files.

>> Background processes

Many programs are running normally in the background which you cannot feel them, besides some of them starts with the Windows start up’s.

Note: For more deep details about the slow Windows performance and how to make the operating system perform faster please refer to the How to speed my Pc? page.

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