Outlook Can’t Send Emails After Upgrading To Windows 10

Outlook Can’t Send emails

After upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 a certain common issue raised for many Microsoft Outlook users and for different versions of Outlook where Outlook is not able to send emails while it can receive normally. some users sent emails stating “when I upgraded to Windows 10 outlook can’t send anymore. All the emails settings I checked are correct and server settings as well, when I click on Send/Receive function I receive emails normally but I got sending error message as bellow: Error message: ‘Jason – Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC13): ‘Cannot…

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What is the internet? For beginners

What is the internet? What is the internet? The internet in a simple term is a group of millions of computers and devises that are connected and communicated to each other using a technology called networking. Those computers and devices are using different Medias to communicate between each other; hence they are using telephone lines, coaxial cables, fiber optic lines, wireless connections and satellites. How many ways to connect to the internet? There are common ways to be connected to the internet: ISP (Internet Service Provider) via modem. Cable Internet.…

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10 featured tutorials for better PC practices

10 featured tutorials for better PC practices To ensure better PC and Microsoft Windows practices in several terms I decided to provide you a bunch of tutorials that I posted before will help you and answer all your queries. In this post you will be having much informative tutorials in terms of computer hardware and software, Microsoft windows, networking and security, tools and techniques and other categories. If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to use Ask A Question page to post them and /or to…

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Internet speed test! How to?

internet speed test

Internet speed test Internet speed has always been an obsession for Internet users, there are couple of factors behind slow internet connection speed, the first one is from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) side and the second one is your side, I will show you how to perform your internet speed test. ISP (Internet Service Provider) First of all, if your slow internet speed connection caused by your ISP, then you can’t do anything about it rather than asking your Internet service provider to upgrade your account. Note: Any kind…

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Slow Internet Solution

slow internet

Slow Internet If you are experiencing slow internet speed at your home or office, try to investigate whether only you at home or office having that problem in order to eliminate the possibilities, then go further for more detailed investigations, in general you may first try to restart your modem, then check your computer for any related issues (I will show you below in details) that might cause the problem.  Tips for eliminating every single possible reason for slow internet? If you are asking yourself “why is my internet connection…

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Latest version of Windows?

latest version of windows 8

What is latest version of Windows? Many people over the Internet are asking this question specially for those who are not using Microsoft Windows or not the fans of it, so the answer for the “What is latest version of Windows?” question is Windows 8. Microsoft has released recently their Windows 8th version which grabbed all people attention because of its new style in terms of visual interface or technical programming unlike Microsoft previous windows versions, it offers the user two interface designs at the same time one for the…

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Emirates Palace Hotel photography

Emirates Palace Palace hotel - big dome

Emirates Palace Hotel photography Yesterday as I stayed in Abu Dhabi for a while I went to Emirates Palace Hotel which is owned by Abu Dhabi government, and cost around 3 Billion dollars to be build. The Emirates Palace Hotel where furnished in gold and marble, with a large dome picked out in gold. First time I went there the security did not allow me to enter inside of it because I was wearing a short trouser, they said it is their policy that only the people who books for…

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Keyloggers? what are they?

What are Keyloggers? Keyloggers are also known as Keystroke loggers, are type of software or Hardware that basically designed to track and record the keys struck on a keyboard in a covert manner so the user whose using that keyboard is unaware that his/her actions being monitored. Reasons behind using Keyloggers? There are mainly two reasons behind using Keyloggers: The first one (which has the most percentage of usage) is used by hackers. The second one is used by some kind of studies of human to computer interactions. The most…

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Photography

Sheikh Zayed's Mosque - inside

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Just yesterday I was with my family at Abu Dhabi, we enjoyed our time a lot specially when we decided to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is considered I guess as one of the worlds largest mosque and has the largest carpet in the world… The journey was wonderful, we found there lots of foreign people visiting the mosque inside and outside taking pictures for each other… I prepared my Canon 550D and took all the stuff willing to have the chance to shoot some…

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Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger Zemana AntiLogger is an efficient, powerful, lightweight application that blocks hackers’ attacks. It also eliminates threats from keyloggers, SSL banker Trojans, spyware and other threats. Zemana AntiLogger is programmed to work at the same time with your antivirus. While your antivirus application protects you against most types of known malware, Zemana AntiLogger will detect and stop new, advanced threats developed for specific objectives that may steal your personal and private information via your secured Internet connection. Awards I personally recommend that every user to use Zemana AntiLogger on…

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The Doom’s Day Featured Design

The Doom's Day Featured Design Final

Beginnings of the Doom’s Day design After I posted the Legend Of A Lion featured design, I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and some of them were talking about the Doom’s day and other stuff, many ideas started flipping around my head, I got the passion to make a Photoshop featured design that predict how the end of the world would look like!! Specially after watching the 2012 movie on theater two years ago along with other Doom’s day or the judgment day movies someday, I…

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