The INSO Documentary Film 2012

Finally, after several months of continuos working, the film is done … I mean the INSO (The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra) documentary film which took all my time in the past months as this film will be participated in International Film Festivals, it tells the story of the Arabs oldest Symphony Orchestra, which established early in the forties of the last century, and because of the unstable situations that occurred in Iraqi since then, the INSO have faced a lot a lot of problems and obstacles and because of its members love to the classical music it wouldn’t stay alive till now.

The film poster I designed is part of the film DVD cover, as shown below:

I did my best in every part of the work, starting from the screenplay and commentary scripts, to the lighting, videography, montage and editing, sound mixing and fixing, color corrections and special effects, directing, poster designing and many other small things that you may find in the INSO film website.

You may watch the official trailer from below:

About the INSO Documentary Film

This is the trailer of my new Documentary Film titled “The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra” which will be participating in international film festivals soon.

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is considered as the oldest Orchestra in the Arab world, where it’s beginning was in the forties of the last century.

The Orchestra’s journey wasn’t perfect like the other Symphony Orchestras, or at least it wasn’t a normal journey, as it always been facing difficulties because of the unstable political and social conditions during many decades ago.

So, what were the obstacles encountered by the INSO? was it able to survive and evolve? what was the position of the successive Governments of them? and what was the fate of it’s members?

I don’t want to talk more about the film, but to those who would have the chance to attend in any film festival I strongly encourage them to watch this film on theater.

Below are a couple of snapshots from the film:

To read more about the INSO Documentary film you may visit the film website in


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