The Doom’s Day Featured Design

The Doom's Day Featured Design Final

Beginnings of the Doom’s Day design After I posted the Legend Of A Lion featured design, I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and some of them were talking about the Doom’s day and other stuff, many ideas started flipping around my head, I got the passion to make a Photoshop featured design that predict how the end of the world would look like!! Specially after watching the 2012 movie on theater two years ago along with other Doom’s day or the judgment day movies someday, I…

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The Legend Of A Lion – fantasy world image !!

the legend of a lion

The Legend Of A Lion!! Recently I was thinking of making a fantasy image the takes the viewer to another fantasy world out of our life… so I simply started looking over the internet using google for animals images so I can get some ideas of which ones are matching which to make a single fantasy image, so I got the idea finally to have a fantasy lion that has wings like an eagle, and decided to name the story of the image as the legend of a lion.. here…

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My Golden Hands !!!!

How to make my hand as a Golden Hand Award !!! Sometimes I like to do weird stuff using Adobe Photoshop, the recent funny picture I made while I was designing my old website so I decided to put it on the header of the Blog page but then I used a total different design, however as per the below image I took the resulted designed image and added two images just before it to show you the steps I took making this image. What happened is my friend Hassan…

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A poster of Rama

For the first day of her birth, everyone was so happy as she is the most tiny, lovely and cute baby our family ever have, Rama is adored by everyone… I’ve been asked after a while to do something like a poster or something special to save it for the future as happy memories in Rama’s life so my brother (her father) sent me her picture shown on the right hand side (which has been taken at the first day of her birth) and I decided to make a cool…

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Fixing damaged picture using Adobe Photoshop..

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Luay gave me his picture when he was 5 years old, the problem was that his own picture was damaged at the time that it is so precious to him, so he asked me to fix its damages. I did my best to make him happy, simply I’ve fixed the damages and in addition to that I have colored it… So do you think that it can be better than that???.. Did you like this article? Share it:Tweet

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