Emirates Palace Hotel photography

Emirates Palace Palace hotel - big dome

Emirates Palace Hotel photography Yesterday as I stayed in Abu Dhabi for a while I went to Emirates Palace Hotel which is owned by Abu Dhabi government, and cost around 3 Billion dollars to be build. The Emirates Palace Hotel where furnished in gold and marble, with a large dome picked out in gold. First time I went there the security did not allow me to enter inside of it because I was wearing a short trouser, they said it is their policy that only the people who books for…

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Photography

Sheikh Zayed's Mosque - inside

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Just yesterday I was with my family at Abu Dhabi, we enjoyed our time a lot specially when we decided to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is considered I guess as one of the worlds largest mosque and has the largest carpet in the world… The journey was wonderful, we found there lots of foreign people visiting the mosque inside and outside taking pictures for each other… I prepared my Canon 550D and took all the stuff willing to have the chance to shoot some…

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The Doom’s Day Featured Design

The Doom's Day Featured Design Final

Beginnings of the Doom’s Day design After I posted the Legend Of A Lion featured design, I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and some of them were talking about the Doom’s day and other stuff, many ideas started flipping around my head, I got the passion to make a Photoshop featured design that predict how the end of the world would look like!! Specially after watching the 2012 movie on theater two years ago along with other Doom’s day or the judgment day movies someday, I…

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The Legend Of A Lion – fantasy world image !!

the legend of a lion

The Legend Of A Lion!! Recently I was thinking of making a fantasy image the takes the viewer to another fantasy world out of our life… so I simply started looking over the internet using google for animals images so I can get some ideas of which ones are matching which to make a single fantasy image, so I got the idea finally to have a fantasy lion that has wings like an eagle, and decided to name the story of the image as the legend of a lion.. here…

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The INSO Documentary Film 2012

Finally, after several months of continuos working, the film is done … I mean the INSO (The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra) documentary film which took all my time in the past months as this film will be participated in International Film Festivals, it tells the story of the Arabs oldest Symphony Orchestra, which established early in the forties of the last century, and because of the unstable situations that occurred in Iraqi since then, the INSO have faced a lot a lot of problems and obstacles and because of its…

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My lovely niece Rama

Again, this is my lovely niece Rama, she is now almost one year and a half years old, we were out on a picnic it was so fun, the most funny and happy thing is watching Mirmish (Rama’s nick name) running on the green grass and playing with other children… as usual I took a camera but this time wasn’t mine, it was Canon EOS 1100D belongs to my uncle, it is a good camera I shoot a lot of images that day.. Anyway, below are some snaps I took…

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Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!

Finally  the official trailer of the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol has announced, I was one of the extra cast in the movie, and I am lucky now because one of the unexpected shots I can be seen there while during the shooting I didn’t expect the camera angle would show me from that side… I don’t wanna say anything regarding this movie since its not released yet and you can watch it on theaters on Dec 2011 as mentioned in the trailer… I put the below Official…

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My little mermaid statue!!

Many years back when I was thinking of sculpturing some statues I had some extra argle-bargle and was thinking of using it for sculpturing a worthy shape, I found in my aunt’s house a very tiny statue of the little mermaid around two and half inches in height, my aunts husband bought it from Sweden during one of his travels there during the seventies of the last century. I found that tiny model so interesting to be based on as its idea was very nice and its small size gave…

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Darkness Special Effects!!

“Darkness” the Emirati short film directed by the Emirati director Ahmed Zain has been participating in festivals such as Dubai Film Festival 2010, Gulf Film Festival 2011 and might get into other international festivals in the future… I participated in this short film as a special effects editor, the scenes I edited was around 45 to 50 seconds all in all, but it took me around 2 months to complete them, it was all about changing the whole sky background with another cloudy one using the Adobe After Effects. There…

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Burj Al-Arab Panorama 360 degrees

When I made the “Dubai Creek Panorama 180 degrees” in my last post I decided to have more challenges in Panoramic world, with my same canon 550D camera I went out in Dubai seeking new location to shoot my next panoramic picture, I found a very nice looking view near Burj Al-Arab where the sunset is making a very artistic and relaxing picture just as a painting. I pulled over and grabbed my camera with the tripod and walked into the sand…. I was thinking to make something new so…

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A Tour at Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the tallest skyscraper in the world? have you ever wondered where did Tom Cruse shoot his latest movie in Dubai? Last year when Burj Khalifa became live and operational I went there with some of my relatives looking for watching Dubai from the top of this tower, I had a camcorder at that time so I took it with me and I kept it on since we reached there till we went out after completing a whole two hours at the top. I was…

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iPhone 4 HDR photography

If someone has iPhone 4 most probably he tried using the HDR function in its camera software, the HDR means High Dynamic Range image which makes the taken images more fancy than a normal photo, this function basically exist in most modern DSLR cameras which enables you to take three different images for the same frame with different exposure then using a special software you can edit it to get such a HDR effect. The iPhone 4 camera software has already a built in HDR function that makes it all…

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