Emirates Palace Hotel photography

Emirates Palace Hotel photography

Yesterday as I stayed in Abu Dhabi for a while I went to Emirates Palace Hotel which is owned by Abu Dhabi government, and cost around 3 Billion dollars to be build.

The Emirates Palace Hotel where furnished in gold and marble, with a large dome picked out in gold.

First time I went there the security did not allow me to enter inside of it because I was wearing a short trouser, they said it is their policy that only the people who books for a room inside the Hotel may have this authority unlike the visitors !!! I was shocked for such a role but I respected and I came again yesterday with a tall trouser and got accessed in.

The first day I went there I took only some photography from outside, but yesterday I took lots of cool images inside of the Palace and today I am sharing some of them with you hope you like it guys..

By the way, on the 2nd of December 2012 was the UAE National Union day and celebrations were everywhere inside the UAE, the Emirates flag was showing everywhere, in my photographs below you will find the Emirates flag because of those celebrations..

I don’t want to make it long for you I will simply leave you to see some of my photographs at the Emirates Palace.

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This is a picture of the big dome inside the Emirates Palace.

Emirates Palace hotel - big dome


Panoramic photography for the Emirates Palace Hotel big doom taken from a special angle.

Emirates Palace hotel - panoramic view


Part of the Emirates Palace’s expensive marble furniture.

Emirates Palace hotel - Gold furniture


Flowers in a jar on one of the tables.

Emirates Palace hotel - flowers


Golden entrance consists of Gold and Marbles – the shot was at the main entrance.

Emirates Palace hotel - Golden entrance


Parts of the Emirates Palace Stairs.

Emirates Palace hotel - Stairs


Another shot for the stairs from a different angle.

Emirates Palace hotel - Stairs


Vertical view for the stairs of three floors.

Emirates Palace hotel - Stairs


The Emirates Palace building is behind me while shooting towards the main entrance, that Emirates flag is so huge placed on the entrance round about inside the Palace’s yards.

Emirates Palace hotel - Emirates flag


A night shot close to the Emirates Palace hotel building.

Emirates Palace hotel - night view


Part of the Palace’s front fountains..

Emirates Palace hotel - night view


Wide angle shot for the entrance area from the right side.

Emirates Palace hotel - wide view


Part of the entrance..

Emirates Palace hotel - external entrance view


A Golden photography of Shiekh Zayed in a golden border.

Emirates Palace hotel - shiekh zayed golden photography


A big carpet on the wall show the Emirates Palace hotel from the back side were the marina is.

Emirates Palace hotel - carpet


One of the big window inside the palace facing the back yard of the palace.

Emirates Palace hotel - window


Front fountains of the palace.

Emirates Palace hotel - front fountains


Front fountains during day time.

Emirates Palace hotel - front fountains


Emirates Palace hotel - entrance


Part of one of the corridor areas..

Emirates Palace hotel - coridor area


Another area of the corridor areas.

Emirates Palace hotel - coridor area


Its good to mention that the Emirates Palace hotel presents the world’s first gold vending machine from GOLD to go.

The World’s first gold vending machine coming from Germany facilitates the purchasing of Gold bars and coins were all bars in 24 K.

It is also nice to mention that gold prices are updated in real-time in that machine.


The Gold vending machine.

Emirates Palace hotel - gold machine


Hope you liked that photographs as I do…

Tell me what do you think below in the comments section..



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