My Golden Hands !!!!

How to make my hand as a Golden Hand Award !!!

Sometimes I like to do weird stuff using Adobe Photoshop, the recent funny picture I made while I was designing my old website so I decided to put it on the header of the Blog page but then I used a total different design, however as per the below image I took the resulted designed image and added two images just before it to show you the steps I took making this image.

What happened is my friend Hassan Kiyany took two pictures for me using his Canon 7D as per my request, the first one showing me with bare hands and the other one only for my right hand, I have cut my hand picture and merge it into the golden soccer world cup image, then I’ve paste the result on my first image showing as I am catching the Golden hand cup…

I also made some color corrections (that makes the image match the old website theme which I didn’t use at the end) in addition to the golden medal so you can see how it looks at the end..

POST your comments below and tell me “do you think I did a good job”?

Firas Sameer

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