I met Jermaine Jackson today!!

Today was my lucky day, I went to the Emirates mall in Dubai wearing my Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” t-shirt, putting on my headphone and listening to some songs collection loudly, in a sudden i noticed someone walking towards me with his thumb finger up while looking at my t-shirt, I was totally surprised when Jermaine Jackson himself stopped me in the mall !!! Woow, what a un expected surprise!! I got the chance to pay my condolences for Michael Jackson’s death. I know many of MJ fans would envy me for this opportinuty and I would do the same if I were in their place.

It’s good to mention that I am a big fan of Michael Jackson since I was a kid, and you may listen to myself singing Billie Jean when I was only 7 years old.

You can see my pictures with Jermaine Jackson below as well as watching him singing “Smile” (the Michael Jackson most favorite song) at the memorial.


Take a look at him singing at “Michael Jackson memorial”

Also you may listen for what he said about Michael Jackson’s death.

You may want to listen to Jermaine singing a song called “Daddys Home” with the Jackson 5

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4 Thoughts to “I met Jermaine Jackson today!!”

  1. Thank you… it was amazing feelings, but I was hopping before to meet Michael Jackson him self… but R.I.P. Michael.

  2. Firas, I remember that you like Michael Jackson very much. And that is you favorite shirt! XD

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