Burj Al-Arab Panorama 360 degrees

When I made the “Dubai Creek Panorama 180 degrees” in my last post I decided to have more challenges in Panoramic world, with my same canon 550D camera I went out in Dubai seeking new location to shoot my next panoramic picture, I found a very nice looking view near Burj Al-Arab where the sunset is making a very artistic and relaxing picture just as a painting.

I pulled over and grabbed my camera with the tripod and walked into the sand…. I was thinking to make something new so I decided to make a 360 degree panoramic picture to Burj Al Arab location… so simply I made it…..

Imagine that you are really there in that location enjoying the scene..

I hope you like this panoramic picture and please give me your suggestions and opinions below.

How to use the below preview to enjoy the Panoramic picture?

You can simply use the (- and +) zoom signs at the bottom of the below preview, and then you may use the mouse over the picture to move the picture around and see all it’s details closely..

This image cannot be shown on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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3 Thoughts to “Burj Al-Arab Panorama 360 degrees”

  1. Very nice firas! an awesome pano!

  2. nadwa kamil

    كلش حلو عيني فروسي . الله يوفقك حبيبي

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