In the past when I used to paint pictures from time to time, the ideas sometimes come to me with the desire when an interesting picture take my eyes, so the first thing I used to do is stop by it and keep on looking at it for a while, watching the shadows and textures, visualizing how am I painting it and then I become interested to paint it, so what I used to do is I take the picture or if I can’t I take a photo copy or camera shot for it and print it out, then bringing a piece of white paper is the next step (most of the time A4 size) with a HB pencil (which I like to use) and start sketching it quickly just to put the outline shapes, and then start to paint it slowly.

I am telling you if you don’t know how to paint you wouldn’t know that the painter while painting anything (specially if he is painting it for him self as a hobby not as a career) he spends an amazing and lovely enjoyable moments while he is working on it, specially when it reaches the end when he almost finishes it, its just like how you spend a lovely time playing a game in Play Station or enjoying your time watching a movie at the cinemas with friends…

One of the pictures that I really enjoyed my time painting it is the below one, YES it is of Yanni the famous musician…

Don’t you think I can do better than that???

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