New Year fireworks at Burj Khalifa/Dubai

Happy New Year guys I wish you all the best in 2011 …

Yesterday midnight just like any other people around the world we were gathering with thousands of people in famous locations where we used to watch fireworks at special occasions such as the New Year celebrations, so I was at Dubai Mall just in front of Burj Khalifa (the World tallest tower ever) and we have lived the event moments it was awesome when you see the fireworks started from the tower it self presenting an amazing scene which will never be forgettable.

I have planned previously for this event so I packed up my stuff and went there three hours before that, I fixed my Canon 550D vertically on my tripod as well as the video settings, also while I was waiting for the event I got an idea of shooting using my Iphone camera at the same time (vertically as well) and make a nice combination as I can move my iphone around.

any way, the result is just in the below video which you may watch it full screen mode.

I wish you like the video and give me your opinions and suggestions below.

Firas Sameer

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