My little mermaid statue!!

Many years back when I was thinking of sculpturing some statues I had some extra argle-bargle and was thinking of using it for sculpturing a worthy shape, I found in my aunt’s house a very tiny statue of the little mermaid around two and half inches in height, my aunts husband bought it from Sweden during one of his travels there during the seventies of the last century.

I found that tiny model so interesting to be based on as its idea was very nice and its small size gave me more challenges to accomplish a more than five times bigger model, so I accepted my self challenging and took the little mermaid statue model home, and started sculpturing it with some few modifications to give it more tragedy look… So I think at that time I did my best, but if I do it now again I would be more satisfied with the result….

But, taking in consideration the small size of the tiny model, and my little experience in sculpturing world as that was my second statue I made ever after Kathum Al-Saher’s one…

The below picture shows the real original statue of this little mermaid in Sweden, and underneath it you will find my work at that time as I told you based on the tiny model of the original one.

Now my work is below:

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