Mariah Carey…

I used to listen to Mariah Carey a lot specially in the past when she used to produce soul music and songs with her fantastic multi-octave voice, she is really inspiring sometimes to do some art work while listening to her songs like “Hero”, “Without you”, “I’ll be there”, “Butterfly”, “My all”, “Whenever you call” and many many others from the past years..

I found one day Mariah Carey’s photo on one of the magazines and I said to myself  “hey, lets paint this one..” so I got the pencils and the A4 paper and simply I painted… I also wrote some words for for her as any Fans of her..

It’s nice to mention that I have painted another photo of her but I am gonna share it with you on my next post and for the time being leave this post under your view so you can Post Your Comments and tell me do you think that the other painting going to be nicer than this one?

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