Malmo Relaxation Video Clip

When I went to Germany last year I had the chance to visit Sweden for a while, I flew from Berlin going to Copenhagen because there is no direct fly to Malmo (Sweden) the area were I want to go.

The lovely thing is when I arrived to Copenhagen airport there was a metro station within the airport premises going to Sweden, it was awesome experience for me as I traveled directly from Denmark to Sweden within 10 minutes using the  metro that during its way it goes under the sea water, I know you cannot see the view as the train is going through a shielded tunnel but you would feel the environment and at some point your ears will flicker because of the sea pressure.

The bridge is so long ¬†and has two levels one for the metro and the other for the cars, you can see the bridge in my last blog post “My trip to Sweden” the last picture I showed the famous bridge.

I was lucky by visiting Sweden at August 2010 because at that time the weather was amazing, little clouds with few raining times, the sun was there almost all the daytime and the weather temperature was between 17 to 20 c during the say with wonderful wind, and I am mentioning that because as far as I know and as per my friends and relatives who are living there that Sweden is cloudy 99% during the year with heavy rain and heavy snow during winter… so the video you will watch below presenting Sweden’s best tourism time.

I used my Canon 550D to shoot a HD video snapshots then I used Adobe Aftereffects and Adobe Premier to make the editing, montage and color corrections.
Also I used Canon lenses as below:

  • 17 – 40 mm f/4L Canon Prime Lens
  • 50 mm f/1.4 Canon Lens
  • 18 – 55 mm f/3.5 – 5.6 Canon Lens
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