Living the Present

The below photography I took it a while ago in Dubai creek, I saw this old style ship as well as the buildings in the background, the view gave me an idea to combine both the old ship with the Urban background.

While there was a lot of urban and construction through the last 20 years that makes Dubai one of the most modern cities and an icon in the world that everyone’s dream to visit and see the life style and the fashion as well as the new building styles, nevertheless the old people profession such as sea men are still using their old fashion ways to keep living, so I got this idea of presenting the Present life in Dubai that combine the new life style with the old fashion careers.

I used my Canon 55oD with the default Lens canon 18-55 mm.

I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to tell me what do you think of the below photo.

Post your comments below.

Living The Present

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