iPhone 4 HDR photography

If someone has iPhone 4 most probably he tried using the HDR function in its camera software, the HDR means High Dynamic Range image which makes the taken images more fancy than a normal photo, this function basically exist in most modern DSLR cameras which enables you to take three different images for the same frame with different exposure then using a special software you can edit it to get such a HDR effect.

The iPhone 4 camera software has already a built in HDR function that makes it all for you, you can turn on or off this function instantly when you take any picture

There are also some iPhone applications that does the same with additional facilities that enables you to modify the picture and add more effects, such a tool called Dynamic Light you can purchase if from the below link it cost $0.99:

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • 12 filters;
  • Adjustable radius, surface smoothness and color boost;
  • Retina display support.

Below I put two HDR images the first set using the default HDR of the iPhone 4, and the second is by using the Dynamic Light.

So using my iPhone 4 camera I am posting below some of its default HDR images:

hdr dove

featured hdr

featured scene

The below pictures I took them using my iPhone 4 camera but via a application called Dynamic Light that is working with the iPhone… which you can play with the taken photo settings and change the effects also play with the colors…



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