Darkness Special Effects!!

Darkness” the Emirati short film directed by the Emirati director Ahmed Zain has been participating in festivals such as Dubai Film Festival 2010, Gulf Film Festival 2011 and might get into other international festivals in the future…

I participated in this short film as a special effects editor, the scenes I edited was around 45 to 50 seconds all in all, but it took me around 2 months to complete them, it was all about changing the whole sky background with another cloudy one using the Adobe After Effects.

There were a lot of challenges performing this type of editing because the actor who was driving the bicycle has a lot of brightness as the shooting were during summer in United Arab Emirates, and his Emirati traditional cloths were almost as much as the sky color and brightness, so isolating the actor from the background was like hell, but the good news is I DID IT ….

There were like four different scenes I have edited in this film by replacing all the sky area into cloudy, the work done was by using frame by frame editing method which is the hardest method the editors my use, but there was no other way to solve this issue specially when the director wasn’t thinking about changing the sky at the shooting day as they have modified the scenario little bit later on. The main editor for this movie was my Emirati friend Hassan Kiyany and he did his part in an excellent way.

Below are some snapshots of the movie and a sample of the work I did so you can see the difference between (Before and After).

Habib Gholoum – Main Actor
A Scene From Short FIlm Darkness

“Before” and “After” sample

Complete Edited Shots

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