A Tour at Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the tallest skyscraper in the world? have you ever wondered where did Tom Cruse shoot his latest movie in Dubai?

Last year when Burj Khalifa became live and operational I went there with some of my relatives looking for watching Dubai from the top of this tower, I had a camcorder at that time so I took it with me and I kept it on since we reached there till we went out after completing a whole two hours at the top.

I was thinking of making a small documentary film for this tower and publish it online so people around the world can visit that tower from their homes and enjoy the tour as if they are really there themselves.

The film I shoot was too long so I made a montage and reduced it into 10 minutes that cover everything; also I want to mention that if you want to take this tour if you are in Dubai you need to access Burj Khalifa from within Dubai Mall, hence the other entrances of the tower are for the hotel.

So now you may play the video below and enjoy the tour and don’t hesitate to Post your comments below, rate it from above and Share it from below..

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