Tips for long lasting Laptop Batteries

What is the Battery default life time?

laptop-batteryNormally the Laptop batteries life time will be approximately 500 recharges, in another words if you take care of the below points on how to gain a long lasting battery life time you will gain approximately 2-3 years of good battery performance which represented by 1.5 hour to 3.5 hours every time useage depending on which applications you are using.

What should I do to gain a long lasting battery life time?

  1. When having a new laptop and will be used for the first time, charging your new battery overnight is sufficient to give your new battery a full charge.
  2. Your new battery should be charged and discharged 3-4 times during the first month of usage.
  3. Reducing the LCD brightness and the usage of CD/DVD drive will defiantly increase the battery time for holding the charge.
  4. If you use to plug the AC adapter to your Laptop while using it all the time, remove the battery to extend its life and store it when not in use in a nonmetal and non conducting container in a cold dry place.
  5. You can use the power saver option in Windows power plan option for a longer life performance, and to perform that open the Power Options from the Control Panel and select the Power Saver Option then click ok.

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