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Slow Internet

slow internetIf you are experiencing slow internet speed at your home or office, try to investigate whether only you at home or office having that problem in order to eliminate the possibilities, then go further for more detailed investigations, in general you may first try to restart your modem, then check your computer for any related issues (I will show you below in details) that might cause the problem. 

Tips for eliminating every single possible reason for slow internet?

If you are asking yourself “why is my internet connection so slow?”, then you may use the below tricks to answer your question.

Follow the below tips and then run an internet speed test to see the difference:

Old Modem: Check your router/modem if it is old this might cause a slow internet speed.

Modem/Router Restart: Try to restart your modem/router by turning it off and on if you felt your internet got slower, this is a common troubleshooting.

Wi-Fi Hacking: Be sure that no one is hacking your Wi-Fi signal and using your own internet without your consent, put a very good password and use an encryption method to increase the security (you may do that by following the router’s manufacture manual).

Dust Clean your routers, modems, PCs .. etc using an air compressor to increase ventilation and reduce heat in the said devices.

Cables Connectivity: check all your cables connectors and connections from any loose contact.

Change your Wi-Fi Channel: Try changing your Wi-Fi channel in your wireless router, if a lot of people of your neighbors using the same channel “many users use the default router settings” this may lead to signal confusion to the routers, so its better to change your channel to a different one and you can do that so easily by accessing your router using the information provided by its manufacturing manual.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”download”] Note: You can check to see what Wi-Fi channels your neighbors are using simply by a tool called inSSIDer.

[download id=”34″ format=”1″]

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Multiple Devices: check if you have some other devices at home that might connected to your internet such as tablets, smartphones, laptops ..etc and disconnect them from the internet as they’re causing slow internet connection obviously.

Cashe and Cookies Clearing: Clear all your internet explorer and other third parity explorer’s cache and cookies, learn how to do that visit How to manage cookies, cashe and temp files.

System Malicious Scanning: Scan and clean your system from any viruses, spywares, malware, adware or any other possible threats, those infections sometimes are the reason behind slow internet connection, To learn how do that visit How to clean my PC from viruses.

Registry Errors and Bugs: Sometimes registry errors or bad registry keys drive your connection to slow internet, download the CCleaner FREE  tool from below and perform registry and system errors scanning.

[download id=”33″]

Clean Up your Hard Disk Drive: Clean up your computer HDD and free more space by deleting some unnecessary or temporary files, you can do that by one of the below ways:

  • Manually Delete your files you don’t need any more and delete temp files by searching them in the search bar.
  • Use Windows tools, go to any HDD partition icon inside My Computer > then right click on it > Properties > then Disk Cleanup button.
  • Use a special tool like  CCleaner, you may download from above.

Bandwidth Dispersions: Look for any running programs that uses the internet in hidden mode, you may close them or uninstall them by going to the Control Panel window from the start menu > then Uninstall a program link, also you may remove any of them from the start up to prevent them from being opened again after every windows start by following the below:

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  • Open Run (from Start up menu)
  • Write msconfig and hit enter.
  • Click on the Startup tab, and Disable all suspicious programs.
  • Click Apply then OK (restarting).
  • Restart your Computer in normal mode.

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DSL Filters: If you are using DSL internet connection, then check that you are using a good filter brand.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”info2″]Note: DSL filter is a small box has one input and two outputs, to connect the landline cable to one side of the box, and take two cables from the other side one for the telephone and the other one of the internet service.[infoclose color=”grey”]

Modem/Router Upgrade: If you feel your router or modem is old then upgrade it to new one and try to select the one with the three antennas for better wireless transmission.

Do you think there would be other ways to solve slow internet speed? tell us your opinion below in the Comment area..

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