Quad Registry Cleaner

Fix Windows XP & Vista Problems and Bugs in 2 clicks!

  • High-performance scan
  • System Optimizer (New!)
  • Internet Explorer Manager
  • Automatic/manual removal
  • 3 Mode Back-up registry
  • Startup Programs Manager
  • Checks Recently Used Files
  • Deletes Empty Registry Keys
  • Scan Scheduler
  • Checks Invalid Application Paths
  • Checks Invalid Class Keys
  • Checks System Service
  • Organizes Windows Startup Items
  • Auto Updated
  • Checks Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
  • Checks Uninstall Sections
  • Checks Invalid Shared known DLL’s
  • Checks Invalid Startup Programs
  • Checks Invalid Shortcuts
  • Checks Invalid File Associations
  • Add/remove Program Manager
  • Memory Tweak
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