Internet speed test! How to?

Internet speed test

internet speed test

Internet speed has always been an obsession for Internet users, there are couple of factors behind slow internet connection speed, the first one is from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) side and the second one is your side, I will show you how to perform your internet speed test.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

First of all, if your slow internet speed connection caused by your ISP, then you can’t do anything about it rather than asking your Internet service provider to upgrade your account.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”info2″]Note: Any kind of software claim to increase your internet speed is a gimmick.[infoclose color=”grey”]

To identify what is the speed of your internet connection you can use an internet speed test websites, one of the best and more realistic internet speed test websites is, when you first open their website your ISP will be detected automatically and will assign testing  channels automatically according to your location as shown in the below image.

[scheaven_infobox color=”green” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”info2″]Note: Any internet speed test website you may use including the one below should give a general idea of the kind of bandwidth you have available.[infoclose color=”green”]


After clicking on Begin Test button you will be taken through the testing process as the website will download a special file to your computer to check your download speed, and then it will upload it back to check your uploading speed with a very nice real time speed meter, the result will be shown later after few seconds as shown below.


Click the link below to try out the above mentioned free online internet speed check:

[download id=”32″]

Issues caused by your side as a consumer

There are other reasons that cause your internet speed to be slow, some of those may be referred to bad cookies, viruses, system bugs, low disk space, registry errors and other reasons that make your system to slow down which reflects directly or indirectly on the internet connection speed.

Another reasons might cause slow internet speed related to your modem or the number of devices you are using at home whether they are PCs, laptops, smart mobile phones, tablets or any other device that needs to have an internet access.

Also if you are using Wi-Fi inside your home and sitting in a location where the signal is so weak, then the internet definitely will be slow and will take your device battery charge faster.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”info2″]Note: Wireless router with three antennas is very good for more signal boosting to cover bigger areas.[infoclose color=”grey”]

Does cable connection better than wireless?

Yes, cables are much faster and stable than wireless connection specially for short distances cables, Ethernet cables can be used in a distance up to 90 meters, if you are planning to use cables instead of wireless try to purchase good brands even if they are much expensive.

How to eliminate all possible reasons that caused my slow internet speed?

There are many tips and tricks you can use to make sure you are consuming the most out of your ISP internet bandwidth by applying the points mentioned in the “Points to increase my internet speed” and after that come back and perform the internet speed test to see the difference.

Do you think there maybe other ways to speed check your internet connection? please tell us below in the comments section.

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