How to burn CD or DVD? (CD/DVD Burning Methods)

What do I need to burn a CD or DVD?

  • For burning a CD you need to have a writable CD drive or writable DVD Drive.cd_dvd_burning
  • For burning a DVD you need to have a writable DVD drive.

How many ways to burn the files into a CD/DVD?

It depends on what type of CD/DVD you want to create, for instance, you can create DVD movies. Audio CDs, saving files on a CD/DVD …. etc.

Below are some of the options which you might need to create your CD/DVDs:

  • Burn files and folders.
  • Burn backups
  • Create an Audio , MP3s, WMAs CD/DVDs
  • Burn movies (in different formats such as VCD, SVCD, DVD, Blue-ray…etc)
  • Burn images on CD/DVD to be displayed on a CD/DVD player as a slide show.
  • Copy CD/DVD to another one.
  • Add more files to a pre-burned CD/DVD.

How many CD/DVD burning methods I can implement?

  • Copying files into the CD/DVD disk directly using the copy and paste command (using a DVD writable drive on a Laptop)
  • Using a Burning software such as Nero burning room, Ashampoo Burning studio …etc
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Can I burn my files on a CD/DVD more than one time?

  • For normal CD/DVDs (like CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R) you cannot because they are designed to be used only for one time, However you can add more files to those CD/DVDs if there are still enough space + the first burning method has included a multisession option enabled.
  • For rewritable CD/DVD (like CD-WR, DVD+WR, DVD-WR) yes you can use them as much as you like but every time you want to use them you need to format them using your CD/DVD writable drive.
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How can I implement the CD/DVD burning process?

Watch Firas showing you how to burn CD/DVDs using different methods in three Parts.

CD/DVD Burning methods Part 1

In the below video you will learn:

  • Windows Built-in burning methods.
  • Introduction of Nero Burning Room.
  • Ways of using Nero Burning Room.
  • Opening a new burning interface depending on which burning method you’re planning to use.

CD/DVD Burning methods Part 2

In the below video you will learn:

  • Burning Process using Nero Burning Room.
  • Adding more files into an existing used CD/DVD.
  • How to copy a CD/DVD.
  • How to use CD/DVD image files.

CD/DVD Burning methods Part 3

In the below video you will learn:

  • Making Video DVDs.
  • Making Audio CD from MP3 files.
  • Tips for Audio CDs.
  • Making Video CDs with menus.

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