Am I protected from Spyware??

What a Spyware means?

Spyware are programs designed to record your various activities on your computer and send it to hackers or a specific destination over the internet, it is also called a spybot or tracking software.

Where does Spyware come from?

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”info2″]It might come by your permission indirectly (like a website asking you to download an antivirus software for free or another software normally from a pop up window) or it might be downloaded without your consent.[infoclose color=”grey”]
  • Or it might come by installing a new software on your computer.

What’s the different between a Spyware and a Virus?

They are totally different, a spyware designed to harm you indirectly by stealing your personal information i.e. internet surfing information, credit card information, passwords … etc, and also they are annoying you by sucking all system resources which causing system slow down. (learn more for how to speed up your computer performance)

A virus might come in different types but they are all harming you directly by damaging your computer and might lead your computer to crash. (Learn more about all types of Viruses and spyware)

Am I safe from Spyware by having an Antivirus Software installed on my machine?

No, not all the time because not all antivirus software programmed to detect spyware, however you can download and install a dedicated Anti Spyware software for more protection and by the way you can find many FREE Anti Spyware software out there.

Which FREE Anti Spyware software is best to download?

There are many good FREE Anti-Spyware software you may find over the internet, personally I am using Spybot – Search & Destroy which is one of the most powerful tools I used till now.

It’s important to update the Spybot – Search & Destroy before using it.

You can download Spybot – Search & Destroy from the below button.

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