10 featured tutorials for better PC practices

10 featured tutorials for better PC practices

To ensure better PC and Microsoft Windows practices in several terms I decided to provide you a bunch of tutorials that I posted before will help you and answer all your queries.

In this post you will be having much informative tutorials in terms of computer hardware and software, Microsoft windows, networking and security, tools and techniques and other categories.

If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to use Ask A Question page to post them and /or to answer other’s.

What are those selective tutorials?

The tutorials is listed below, just click on the one you like and enjoy.

tutorialHow to install Microsoft Windows 7? 

A great video tutorial shows you how to install and configure Microsoft Win 7 step by step in a simple way presented by Firas Sameer.


tutorialHow to deal with Windows Drivers?

A Driver is software that installed within the Operating System in order to help and guide the operating system on how to deal with the Hardware peripherals, this is a video tutorial that tells you everything about Windows Drivers and teach you how to deal with them in simple methods.

tutorialHard Disk Drive important notes

A Hard Disk is the place where all the personal files, folders and operating system files are stored in, it’s life time around 3-4 years, learn more about HDD and how you can save them for longer life time.


tutorialHard Disk Bad sectors and Disk Crash!!

If you discover that some of your files are missing, corrupted, unreadable, or some of your folders are not anymore accessible, this is mostly because of Bad Sectors. Learn more how to deal with Bad sectors!!


tutorialCD/DVD/Blue-Ray discs important notes!!

CD/DVD and Blue-ray discs are so important for every one because of many reasons, the main reasons are they’re portable and different types of files can be stored on them. Learn how to protect your CD/DVDs and Blue-ray discs for saving them for a longer life time lasting.

tutorialHow to Download Videos from Youtube?

You can do that in different ways and methods, Watch the video in this tutorial and learn how to achieve that in a simple way using Youtube downloader tool.


tutorialHow to Wireless Networks?

Learn everything about Wireless networking and how to deal with them …


tutorialHow to clean my PC from Viruses?

Learn the correct way how to clean your system form viruses and malware..


tutorialHow to Partition a Hard Disk Drive?

There are many tools that perform this operation like Norton Partitioning tools, Partition magic software ….etc, BUT by this Video Tutorial learn how you can implement it by using the Windows Built-in Disk Management tool.

tutorialHow to Backup my Windows Drivers?

Many times we lose our Drivers CD and when we need to install a new Microsoft Windows we discover that we will not be able to complete the installation till we search for the drivers from the Internet using another computer. By this Video Tutorial you may learn easily how to backup your drivers and no need for CD/DVD drivers.


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