A Day at Festival Centre

Today I went early with my relatives to Festival Centre in Dubai, and I know that I visited this mall over hundreds of times but I never thought of using my iPhone 4G camera to make a video there!!! I used my iPhone 4 camera before with a very short snapshot as trials but this was the first time I tried to make something good out of it and to do a good testing for the resulted video… I also took a couple of HDR photos which I will share…

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Malmo Relaxation Video Clip

When I went to Germany last year I had the chance to visit Sweden for a while, I flew from Berlin going to Copenhagen because there is no direct fly to Malmo (Sweden) the area were I want to go. The lovely thing is when I arrived to Copenhagen airport there was a metro station within the airport premises going to Sweden, it was awesome experience for me as I traveled directly from Denmark to Sweden within 10 minutes using the  metro that during its way it goes under the…

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Recent people photography

Marina Grytsovets

I was thinking of posting some of my people photography snapshots from time to time and I started this by posting the previous picture “Lovely Boy” , for this time I am posting a couple of pictures of the model “Marina Grytsovets”. I have used my Canon 550D with two different lenses, the first photo using Canon EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5 -5.6, and the second one was Canon EF24-70 mm f/2.8 L USM. Post your comments below and tell me what do you think of the two pictures… Please note…

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