Emirates Palace Hotel photography

Emirates Palace Palace hotel - big dome

Emirates Palace Hotel photography Yesterday as I stayed in Abu Dhabi for a while I went to Emirates Palace Hotel which is owned by Abu Dhabi government, and cost around 3 Billion dollars to be build. The Emirates Palace Hotel where furnished in gold and marble, with a large dome picked out in gold. First time I went there the security did not allow me to enter inside of it because I was wearing a short trouser, they said it is their policy that only the people who books for…

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Darkness Special Effects!!

“Darkness” the Emirati short film directed by the Emirati director Ahmed Zain has been participating in festivals such as Dubai Film Festival 2010, Gulf Film Festival 2011 and might get into other international festivals in the future… I participated in this short film as a special effects editor, the scenes I edited was around 45 to 50 seconds all in all, but it took me around 2 months to complete them, it was all about changing the whole sky background with another cloudy one using the Adobe After Effects. There…

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