How to manage the Cookies, Cache, Internet temporary files and Internet History?

You can follow the below steps along with their description pictures to manage the cookies options but I recommend you to use the default security level. Open the Internet Explorer. Click on Tools tab. Select the Internet options. For deleting all the cache files, cookies, website history click on the Delete button in the browsing history. For managing the cookies, select the Privacy tab, and then click on Advance button. Note: Leaving the security setting level to Medium as shown above is the default option which I recommend. From the…

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Are Cookies, Cache and Internet temporary files harmful?


A cookie itself cannot harm the computer, as it does not and cannot hold code or perform any virus or Trojan execution, However, the cookie can support (or help) malicious actions to be taken on the respective system. Even more, being a plain text file, they are vulnerable, meaning that they can be harvested by other applications or to lead a possible attacker to the respective computer. An attacker also might harvest information from cookies using either different cookies or from spyware software (for example login information for different websites…

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