How can I download & Install Internet Explorer 9?

Note: It’s important to read the notes about Internet Explorer 9 before downloading it from this tutorial. How to download Internet Explorer 9? Now you have to check first what processor type is yours so accordingly you can download the correct version of Internet Explorer 9, so to learn how to check that you can go to the “Should I download Internet Explorer 9?” article. So, if your processor type is 32-bit, you can download the Internet Explorer 9 exe file from the below button: and if your processor version…

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Cookies and Internet Temp Files

Internet cookies

What does Cookies, Cache and Internet temporary files mean? Every time you open a webpage using a browser to read your email or to purchase something online, viewing the weather online, reading the latest news or reading the sports, that information is stored on your computer and Windows operating system for later use. All the information described above is what we call cache files or Temporary Internet files. Many websites stores special files on your computer called cookies which includes information you’ve used in some websites like application forms or…

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