How to delete Unerasable files?

How to delete files used by other programs in Windows XP & Vista? Sometimes when we search for temporary files within our computers to delete them in order to make the Windows performance faster or for cleaning the system we find some of those files refuse to be deleted telling that they are used by another programs or the file is currently in use; There are certain tools that help to perform the deleting; below I will show you how to use one of the best FREE tools that perform…

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Hard Disk Storage size utilization

hard disk size

Why my Hard Disk Storage size shows 74.48 GB while it supposed to be 80 GB? Every body have the same question specially when someone purchase a new Hard Disk and after installing a new Microsoft Windows on it or perform the repartitioning, the Hard Disk total size will show less size than the one supposed to be. Don’t panic its normal and no one has cheated you however to describe this for you I have to go through some technical details and mathematics: As you know that the smallest…

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