Hard Disk Bad Sectors and Disk Crash

How would I know if I have bad sectors? If you discover that some of your files are missing, corrupted, unreadable, or some of your folders are not anymore accessible, this is mostly because of Bad Sectors. Bad Sectors can be discovered also by the Operating System itself by showing you error messages telling that your Hard Drive might have Bad sectors, the messages might flagged as CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Error). Note: Bad Sectors are an early signs for Hard Disk Crash. They also can cause the Instability to the…

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Hard Disk Storage size utilization

hard disk size

Why my Hard Disk Storage size shows 74.48 GB while it supposed to be 80 GB? Every body have the same question specially when someone purchase a new Hard Disk and after installing a new Microsoft Windows on it or perform the repartitioning, the Hard Disk total size will show less size than the one supposed to be. Don’t panic its normal and no one has cheated you however to describe this for you I have to go through some technical details and mathematics: As you know that the smallest…

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