What is the internet? For beginners

What is the internet?

What is the internet? The internet in a simple term is a group of millions of computers and devises that are connected and communicated to each other using a technology called networking.

Those computers and devices are using different Medias to communicate between each other; hence they are using telephone lines, coaxial cables, fiber optic lines, wirelessOpens in a new tab. connections and satellites.

How many ways to connect to the internet?

There are common ways to be connected to the internet:

  • ISPOpens in a new tab. (Internet Service Provider) via modem.
  • Cable Internet.
  • ADSLOpens in a new tab. (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line).
  • Using a mobile phone SIM card.

What are the benefits of the internet?

There are unlimited benefits you are having by using the internet such as but not limited to:

  • Surfing the web seeking information.
  • Online shopping.
  • Send and Receive emails.
  • Text and Voice chat with friends and famil.
  • Watch videos, TV channels live broadcasts.
  • Download music, songs, photos …etc.
  • Playing online games with other people.
  • Download software and applicationsOpens in a new tab..
  • Updating devices firmware such as satellite receiver using the internet.
  • And many other unlimited benefits..

How does internet work?

The answer to this question cannot be answered in a simplified way like the first question “What is the internet?”, but I will do my best to simplify it. I will start my example from your computer regardless of how did you get the internet, so your computer is connected to an ISP (Internet Service ProviderOpens in a new tab.) via one of the methods mentioned above, your ISP is providing you the Internet service just like many others like you and at the same time the ISP is connected to their ISP or connected directly to the internet cloud.

The Cloud basically is just like a black box, a huge network that the entire global internet is connected to. Stuff goes in, stuff comes out..

what is the internet? internet cloud

To go more into details to understand what is the internet, the global internet network is so huge, it contains huge number of hardware devices such as RoutersOpens in a new tab., Servers, ModemsOpens in a new tab., Satellites, Microwave links and many others, those hardware devices are programmed and configured using certain protocols to help provide the internet services through the networks they are making.

How to use the internet?

You can use an Internet browser software such as Internet ExplorerOpens in a new tab. (which comes with Microsoft WindowsOpens in a new tab.), Safari ExplorerOpens in a new tab. (comes with apple Macintosh), Mozilla Firefox explorerOpens in a new tab., Google Chrome explorerOpens in a new tab. and many other internet exploring tools you may download for FREE from the internet in case you are using PC or Laptop. If you are using a mobile phone or tablets to use the internet you may use their own internet explorer application.

How safe is the Internet?

To complete the answer for what is the internet we have to talk about security, the internet is not always safe, there are always threats everybody is usually trying to avoid, threats like computer virusesOpens in a new tab., hackersOpens in a new tab., porn websites, untrusted websites … etc. So to be safe you need to have the below general tips in concederation:

  • A good Antivirus program and firewall installed on your PC and always updated.
  • An anti keylogger toolOpens in a new tab. to protect your self from hackers. Download FREE 15days trial Zemana AntiloggerOpens in a new tab.Best Worldwide
  • Be sure not to enter any personal info such as credit card number into any website unless otherwise you are sure the website is liable and trusted,
  • Do not send personal info via emails, chats etc..
  • Do not chat with someone you don’t know.
  • Do not open emails and email attachments sent by someone you don’t know.


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