How to Partition the Hard Disk Drive?

What is the Hard Disk Partitioning?

The Partitioning is a process that used to divide a particular Hard DiskOpens in a new tab. logically into multiple drives like C: D: E:… Etc.

Why do we need to divide the new Hard Disk into partitions?

Basically, dividing the Hard DiskOpens in a new tab. is important and useful for several reasons which described below:

  • Data saving:

You can save your data, personal and important files on different drives so when you experience windows crash it’s easy for you to format and install a new operating system without losing a single file from your drive (except the drive that was holding the system, normally represented by the C: partition).

  • Organizing your files:

Accessing files stored on different partitions is much easier than a Hard Disk with one partition because it becomes easy to remember their locations on the Hard DiskOpens in a new tab..

  • Hard Disk Bad sectors:

When facing Hard Disk bad sectorsOpens in a new tab. on one of the partitions (which might cause corrupted files or data loss) Windows will treat the other drives normally so you can backup your data to an external Hard DiskOpens in a new tab..

  • Windows Backup:

You can store a backup image of your Microsoft Windows on one of the partitions which will enable you to restore your SystemOpens in a new tab. within minutes in case of Windows crash.

  • Files search:

When searching a specific file on one of the partitions is much faster than searching the same file on a single partition Hard Disk DriveOpens in a new tab..

How many ways to implement the Hard Disk partitioning?

There are many tools that perform this operation like Norton Partitioning tools, Partition magic software ….etc, also you can implement it by using the Windows Built-in Disk Management tool (which can be approached by right-clicking the My Computer icon > Manage > Storage > Disk Management).

You can perform the Hard Disk re-partitioning during the process of a new Microsoft Windows installationOpens in a new tab. were you reach a stage that you will be asked to choose a Hard Disk partitionOpens in a new tab. to install the new windows on it, so there you can implement the re-partitioning for your Hard DriveOpens in a new tab. (whether it is a brand new one which means the hard disk still blank and not partitioned, or it is pre-partitioned one) so you can divide or merge an existing partitions to make a bigger size one.

Note: Any partitioning process you perform will cause losing all the data stored on it so you have to back up them, and after selecting the desired partition sizeOpens in a new tab. and completing the partitioning it requires formatting that partition to be active and accessible.

How to perform the re-partitioning process?

  • Watch Firas Show you how to perform the Hard Disk re-partitioning using the Windows Built-in Disk Management tool.

Video - HD Partitioning using Windows built-in tool

  • Watch Firas Show you the Hard Disk re-partitioning using the Windows installation process.

Video - HD Partitioning using Windows Installation Process

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