How to install Microsoft Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP

In this lesson I will show you how to install a new fresh Microsoft Windows XP on your (PC/Laptop), it’s quite easy and simple process but it requires confidence from people whom never tried this before.

Precautions before Installing Microsoft Windows XP:

Important Files Backup

Normally the PartitionOpens in a new tab. where the Windows installed previously (like C: partitionOpens in a new tab.) will be formatted, so its better to backup all your files on that drive represented by the files on the Desktop,My Documents folder, My breif case folder,C partition root files … etc.

Prepare the Drivers CD

Before installing Microsoft Windows XPOpens in a new tab. on your (PC/Laptop), you have to prepare the Drivers CDOpens in a new tab. priorly, if you don’t have the drivers CDOpens in a new tab. don’t format the existing Windows without providing at least the network card driver so you can download all the drivers from the Internet.

In case you don’t have any driversOpens in a new tab. for your (PC/Laptop) peripherals, try to download them from the internet using another computer from the original product’s website (don’t download any driver from other websites rather than the original website of the product).

You can also extract all the drivers from the existing Windows before formatting it by using special tools designed for this regard.

Setting the CD/DVD drive as the first bootable drive

Before starting with the installation you have to set the CD/DVD drive to be as the first bootable drive in order to start booting the computer from the Windows CDOpens in a new tab. instead of the Hard DriveOpens in a new tab..

How to do that?

  • First, restart your computer and once it reaches the very begining black window start pressing the F2 (or F12 it depends on your mother board type) till you enter to the boot menu as shown below.

Boot Menu

  • Then by using the arrow keys and (+)/(-) signs on the key board you can select the CD/DVD drive to be the first bootable one as shown below.

Set DVD drive first bootable device

  • Then press F10 and click ok to save the changes and reboot.

Installation process of Microsoft Windows XP

Watch Firas perform the Windows Operating System installation.

Windows XP Installation Part 1

Video - Windows XP Installation PART 1

Windows XP Installation Part 2

Video - Windows XP Installation PART 2

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