How to manage Blue Screen of Death BSoD?

What does Blue Screen of Death mean?

bsodSometimes when you install a new Hardware to your PC, installing a new software or during the normal usage of your computers or laptop suddenly you face a blue screen contains a lot of words and sentences which will stop everything and ask you to reboot your PC, this is what normally known as the Blue Screen of Death BSoD.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”left” icon=”info2″]Note: For those who never experienced the Blue Screen of Death problem, you can download the BSoD Screen Saver from and run it to see the demonstration and at any time you can hit the Esc key from your keyboard to abort, don’t panic if your antivirus detect a virus in the screen saver file because there is no virus and the reason behind the virus detection is this screen saver designed by Microsoft to deal with System files which the antivirus programs designed to protect the system files.
The download link:[infoclose color=”grey”]

What is the side effect of the BSoD?

The Blue Screen of Death might prevents you from opening your Microsoft Windows successfully, besides if you were working on something before the BSoD had happened you will lose any unsaved data of your work.

What are the reasons behind the Blue Screen of Death?

It is happening after the Microsoft Windows encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down to prevent damage, but the reasons behind those errors might be one of the below:

  • Malfunctioning hardware Device: You can identify this reason if you start facing the BSoD after adding a new Hardware Device to your computer.
  • Poor written Hardware Device Driver: Many times it happened after installing the Device driver we face problems like BSoD and that because of the poor manufacturer’s driver programming or the Driver that you’ve used is not the correct version.
  • Driver’s conflict.
  • Faulty Memory (RAM) readings or Faulty RAMs.
  • Power Supplies: If there was a problem with the power supply of your Computer or if you by mistake disconnected/connected one of the cords inside the PC case while the computer is running.
  • Over heating PC components.
  • Hardware running beyond its specification limits.
  • Virus infection.

How to avoid having the Blue Screen of Death?

  • Always check your new Hardware drivers, if you don’t have the original Driver CD try to download them from the manufacturer website only (don’t use other websites).
  • Don’t install more than one driver for different Hardware devices one by one without rebooting your computer every time you install one of them.
  • Always look for driver’s updates from the manufacturer websites and if they are available download them and install them after uninstalling the old ones.
  • Always put your PC in a confirmable environment and from time to time check if the excavation fan or the CPU fan inside the Computer case is working properly or they need cleaning.
  • For Laptop users, while using the laptop avoid putting them on pillows or on beds because this would close the excavation holes in the bottom of the laptop which will decrease the air flow and increase the heat. (Click here to see why it’s dangerous if the laptops heat increased).
  • Always have an active and updated antivirus program installed and running.
  • Always keep a sufficient disk space on the Drive where Windows installed to help the RAM by adding more space for big applications to use it in case if required.

How to manage and solve the Blue Screen of Death?

There are several methods on how to deal with the Blue Screen of Death, the first thing you dont have to panic simply read the below points and deside which one discribes your condition:

  • Restart your computer: When the BSoD is caused by a temporary condition, restarting your PC will solve this problem.
  • Restart your computer in safe mode: When your computer start in Safe Mode With Network Support, uninstall any newly installed hardware device drivers, and in case you dont know which driver is the cause Try to find the file name which caused this problem (e.g. like the below snap shot) and search for the same, you will find many result and answers for that file name, so by doing that you can identify which program or Driver caused this problem to uninstall it using the Safe Mode.
  • bsod solving

  • Hardware: it’s easy to identify if the BSoD is cause by a Hardware Device, when recently a device added to the PC before the problem happened chances are goes to that particular Hardware device to be the defected one, so simply shutdown then unplug that device and turn on the computer again and see if the problem goes.
  • Try to start your PC using a Last Known Good Configuration option, this will reset your system and might fix the problem.
  • Virus infection: It might also caused by a virus so you can delete it from the safe mode after identifying that using google search, after that perform a deep Virus scan (click here to learn how to scan for viruses in the correct way).

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