CD/DVD disc important notes!!

CD/DVD discs are so important for every one because of many reasons, the main reasons are they’re portable and different types of files can be stored on them, so I will show you below some points on how to protect your CD/DVDs and for saving them for a longer life time lasting but before that I want to give you a brief introduction for the CD/DVD discs types.

Types of CD/DVDs:

CD (Compact Disc):

compact discWhich is used for storing different types of data like documents, videos, audios etc…, it’s media storage size around 700MB, it can be used on PC, Video games, CD players etc…
There are two CD types CD-R and CD-RW, the CD-R means “Read” hence you can only use it once when you burn files on it you cannot erase them anymore, however the CD-RW means “Read and Write” which you can use it many times as you need by formatting it with the writable CD-ROM drive before adding the new data.

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc):

It has the same look size of the normal CD disc but much bigger storing media capacity size, normally there are three capacity sizes:

Around 4.7 GB (single-sided single-layer):

dvdThis is the most common type used these days where it can be used to store all types of files.

Around 8.54 GB (single-sided double-layer):

This type is the same concept of the 4.7 GB DVD but uses another method of data storing where the media contains of two layers and can be used by the normal DVD-ROM drive for writing or reading.

Around 17.08 GB (double-sided double-layer):

It uses the same concept of the 8.54 GB DVD but with two sides, where you can use both DVD faces for reading and writing but rarely you can find this type in the market.

[scheaven_infobox color=”grey” width=”100″ align=”left” icon=”info2″]Note: DVDs Contains of two categories, the normal DVDs which are DVD-R and DVD+R and two categories of re-writable types DVD+RW and DVD-RW; the normal category used only once so when writing files it cannot be erased anymore, the – and + signs represents the method of storing the data on the DVD by the laser beam so for writing on DVD+R we have to use the DVD+R ROM writable drivers to burn files on it, however the DVD-R is compatible with both DVD-R and DVD+R ROM drivers in writing perspective, hence for DVD reading it doesn’t matter using any types of DVD ROM drivers for all types listed above.[infoclose color=”grey”]

BD (Blu-ray Disc):

blue rayIt is a new generation of DVD medium storage disc that supersede the normal DVD format and used to store the High Definition Video or audio files or storing play station 3 games with a huge capacity of 25GB for single layer and 50GB for the double layer for each disc.

Side effects of CD/DVD discs

  • They can be scratched easily.
  • Limited life time.
  • Affected by moisture and heat.
  • Can be broken easily.

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