My first Statue Sculpturing !! Check it out

Kathem Al-Saher

Maybe not everyone knows Kathem Al-Saher, the most famous Arab singer !! however many people do, as I am one of his greatest fan ever I have decided to make a statue of him my self, and that was my first trial in the sculpturing world…

It was a real challenge for me to do that for several reasons:

  • I have never tried sculpturing any thing in my life before that.
  • I did not have the argle-bargle and did not know from where I can get it.
  • When you want to sculpture someone’s head you should have three pictures of his own from three different angles to make a 3D statue (top view, side view and front view) , but in my case I did have only the front view from his posters, as I memorize his shape from his videos.
  • I did not have the heat oven in order to complete the composing process.

But because I am basically a painter, I always thought I can do sculpturing, every time I see a statue in the street I keep on looking at it because I feel that I can do it..

One day, one of my sister’s friend helped me to get the argle-bargle as her husband is a professional sculpturing artist and he also has the heat oven in his house.

The first sculpturing trial I was thinking of to make was Kathem Al-Saher’s head so simply I did it, you can see the pictures below and you judge my work from his picture shown above and the below video,

REMEMBER that was the first time ever I do sculpturing

Note: It’s important to mention that this status has fallen on the ground the broken into pieces and I fixed it again, the result wasn’t as I got it as before. but still I feel its look like him.

POST your comments below and give me your opinions.

Report about Kathem Al Saher on British TV channel

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13 Thoughts to “My first Statue Sculpturing !! Check it out”

  1. اخ فراس ماشاء الله لك العديد من المواهب اضافه الى اننا نتشارك في حبنا لصاحب الحس والصوت الجميل قيصرنا كاظم الساهر

  2. Thank you Waleed for your comment I appreciates..

  3. Hussain

    والله انت فنان يا فراس وطبعا العراق يفتخر بيك و بأمثالك

  4. kamal albaharna

    Mr Firas Sameer what you have done is great and it shows that you have talent , affter all Kathem is the best singer in the arabic world and will ramain the best .
    many thanks to you

    kamal albaharna
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  5. Thank you Kamal, yes he is the best and I beileve that it’s not easy to stay at the top but he does..
    I appreciate your complement..

  6. ندى اشجيري

    عمل لطيف جدا وبادرة الطف مليئة بالاحساس بكل مايحمله من ذوق جميل وطيب رغم انها اول محاولة لك .امنياتي بالتوفيق في عملك.

  7. Nabeel

    لقد نحتت كاظم لكنك لم تنحت الكرات الزجاجية…..هههه.
    ارجو الاستمرار بالمحاولات و انشالله النجاح….

  8. Lool I’ll keep this in mind..

  9. محمد علي الوزان

    الحقيقة فروسي العزيز علية دائما عندة هيجي محاولات وهو فنان شامل يعني غناء وتلحين وشعر وهل مرة نحت … لكن تمثال كاظم كأنه صورة كاريكاتيرية للفنان … على العموم بالتوفيق

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