My carved wooden stork

One day I found a piece of teak in our storage room and because I have already the carving tools I decided to do something from my imagination.

I got several ideas one of them is to make a stork crave, I imagined how this bird standing with one leg in the swamp, so after I finished the bird’s carving I said why wouldn’t I complete all the imagined scene so simply I completed it.

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9 Thoughts to “My carved wooden stork”

  1. Fanar Alrubaie

    Your Carved wooden stork is beautiful Firas.
    It looks very professional and elegant, Awesome Job !!

  2. Thank you Fanar. I appreciate.

  3. mays asad

    حلوووووووه كلش فروسي عاشت ايدك

  4. Kanar

    your work is very good , keep on.
    maybe one day I’ll let you make one for me.

  5. hiba

    عمل رائع وموهبة تستحق ان يتم تطويرها

  6. Yahya

    You’re creative

  7. Thank you guys… wait for the coming stuff..

  8. daad aljibory

    عاشت الأيادي فروسي وان شاء الله تقوم بأعمال احلى وأحلى

  9. Thank you Daad for your comment, I appreciates..

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