Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!

Finally  the official trailer of the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol has announced, I was one of the extra cast in the movie, and I am lucky now because one of the unexpected shots I can be seen there while during the shooting I didn’t expect the camera angle would show me from that side…

I don’t wanna say anything regarding this movie since its not released yet and you can watch it on theaters on Dec 2011 as mentioned in the trailer…

I put the below Official trailer and underneath it some shots from the same trailer including the one that I was seen in it..

I am sure this movie is one of the greatest ones Tom has made yet.

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9 Thoughts to “Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!”

  1. Mustafa Ismail

    That’s amazing, did u became an actor? And what was your role in the movie?

  2. loool Thanks man, you know I have this enthusiasm of participating in real art work, that was one of my lucky chances to join the movie crew.. however its not allowed to provide any details regarding this movie till it get released.

    Thanks Mustafa..

  3. That is agent firas … assistant of Ethan Hunt

  4. amazing. i will tell my friends about you when we see this movie here in USA

  5. hind

    that amazing Firas I hope all the best for you ,inshalla at the next movie you will be the primary actor of the cast.

  6. Thank you Hind, I appreciates, by the way this is only a hobby of mine …

  7. Laman

    Hi Firas….I am so happy for you …wish you all the best….

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