Hey kid !!

You would laugh when you see my next painting below which I painted it on 1997 accidentally when I found a very sweet drawing in one of the news papers and I immediatly took the idea and painted my self using the pencil and A4 piece of paper.

The painting describes a lovely boy sitting on a toilet loool and smiling to the camera when he discovered that someone has captured him there…. the funny thing is that he start smiling to the camera hopping to make a nice picture of him looool.

I hope you like it and I would love to hear your comments below.

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4 Thoughts to “Hey kid !!”

  1. myla

    hhhhhhhhhhh so funny i liked it..
    good job

  2. nadwa kamil

    جدا لطيف هذا الرسم يا فروسي و اتنمى مزيدا من هذه الابداعات .وفقك الله و حقق امانيك

  3. sarmad

    شكرا يافروسي على هذا الرسم الحلو تحياتي اخوك سرمد

  4. Thank you Sarmad I appreciate..

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