Discover Germany’s Nature

I forgot to post those photography since last time I posted the Sweden nature ones, but accidentally I found those amazing shots I’ve taken during my journey to Germany last year when I was shooting the “Tour in Spreewald forests (Germany)” video I posted earlier in the videography section of my blog, I decided to make you enjoy your time watching the spectacular shots I took using my canon 550d with a couple of Canon Prime lenses.

The area I took those picture in is called Spreewald forests, it is located on the east of Germany almost one hour and a half outside Berlin by a car, if you plan to visit germany one day try to go to this area where and refresh yourself.









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  1. nadwa kamil

    اجمل اختيار يا فروسي اتمنى مزيدا من هذه المناظر الخلاّبة… مع تنمياتي لك بالتوفيق

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