Ever since he opened his eyes to the technology when he was only 10 years old, Firas adored seeking information about electrical equipment’s and devices, trying to fix issues and solving problems with radios, video tape recorders, stereos … Etc.

When Personal Computers were out, he became so interested in going deeply through the PC and Microsoft Windows environments, starting with playing games over night and then converted into increasing his knowledge in software such as but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office tools, multimedia builder and many others. That came in parallel with his interest in Microsoft Windows and PC Hardware. Hence when the Internet launched, it became easier and faster for him to do his research and self-study.

Firas graduated after that from the University of Technology / Baghdad as a computer engineer from the Control and Computer engineering Department on 2001.

He took some courses in Microsoft MCSA, Network+, BICSI Infrastructure Cabling; he self-studied the A+ courses.

During his career life he worked in two computer service shops for two years, and also joined International Companies since he graduated where he worked in different technology fields in every company he joined:

  • @ DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center), he worked for three years as ICT Infrastructure Operations and Projects Management Engineer.
  • @ GSS (Gulf Smart Solutions), for one year as Infrastructure Site Engineer.
  • @ Huawei Technologies, for two years as NSS engineer for the mobile GSM switches.
  • @ Alcatel Technologies, for two years as Microwave Links Commissioner Engineer.
  • @ Shiloh International, for one year as network engineer.

After all the long technology career life he got, he took the opportunity and moved into the Management’s fields using his own experience to manage projects in terms of IT and ICT.

Although he turned to management, still he has this passion of the computer world in his own personal life, so he decided to create his own website ( to help people and also to increase his experience.

[scheaven_infobox color=”blue” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”0″]His dream is to make his FREE tutorial website a big social one where people can share their knowledge and help each other.[infoclose color=”blue”]