Another Side of Firas

In addition to his own career life and technical mentality, he uses his free time to practice his own artistic world of hobbies, such as photography, videography, video editing and still images editing.

Since he was a child, his teacher in the preschool discovered him as a gifted painter during the painting classes, as well as the music talent he has in the music class¬†(listen to Billie Jean in Firas’ voice when he was 7 years old).

He became the best painter in the schools that he studied in with full marks, and participated in several painting competitions by the name of the schools and they won the awards because of his paintings.

Years after that he discovered that he can do sculpturing as well.

In his life he tried many things in terms of art and showed a real capability and talent in all the fields that he tried:

  • He did paintings (using different types of materials and tools). (Check the Paintings in the Blog)
  • Sculpturing (using argle-bargle & using piece of woods). (check his first sculpturing work)
  • Photography skills (Currently having Canon 550D). Samples of his work (Photography Albums)
  • Still image editing and montage (Using Adobe Photoshop). (Check out his work)
  • Videography skills (Making films is the most enjoyable hobbies that he use to do).¬†A sample of his work (Tour in Spreewald – Germany)
  • Video Directing (for his own films).
  • Video Editing and Montage (using Adobe After effects, Adobe Preimer and other tools). Sample of his work (The Address)
  • Music composing (the tune only).
  • Short Story writing and song lyrics.

All of the above was accomplished only as his own hobbies.

[scheaven_infobox color=”blue” width=”100″ align=”none” icon=”0″]To see many of his work in the above fields you can check the website blog for regular updates.[infoclose color=”blue”]