11 Incredible Features of Windows 11 – Should I Upgrade Windows 10 To 11?

Should I Upgrade Windows 10 To 11?

No, you should not make a quick shift to an early version of Windows 11.  Many users are complaining about various sound drivers and delays in internet connection. Windows 11 will be considerably better in a few months when its first major update arrives.

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7 Incredible Features of Windows 11

Here are 7 incredible features of Windows 11 that everyone interested to upgrade to Windows 11 must know:

[1] – Attractive Interface

Windows 11 comes up with a new and attractive interface of rounded corners, pastel shades, and centered taskbar and startup menu. There are also new themes and wallpapers to provide a better look.

[2] – Mobile Apps Integrity

Android Apps can be installed on Windows 11 via the Amazon app store that is accessible on the updated Microsoft store.

[3] – Widgets

People can access their widgets directly and simply through the taskbar in Windows 11 and configure them to see whatever they like.

[4] – MS Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is also available directly in the taskbar making it easy to access for users in Windows 11. It can be accessed by users from Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS users.

[5] – X Box Features

To improve its users’ gaming experience, Windows 11 will have Xbox-like functionality. Auto HDR and Direct Storage are two of the functions it offers.

[6] – Amazing Virtual Desktop Support

Windows 11 also comes up with the great feature of better virtual desktop support just like the MAC Operating System. Users can create multiple desktops for work, school, and gaming. People can use a different wallpaper on each virtual desktop.

[7] – Better Multitasking

Snap Group and Snap Layout features are also available in Windows 11. These two functions assist in better multitasking and greater user experience.

Should I Update To Windows 11 For Gaming?

Windows 11 is the best Windows OS so far for PC gaming as per Microsoft, yes, you should update your Windows to Windows 11 for gaming once the steady final version is released.

You can check below the best gaming features in Windows 11.

4 Gaming Features in Windows 11

If you ask whether Windows 11 is good for gaming or not, Windows 11 provides greater gaming features to improve the gaming experience of people. Here are some features that window 11 is providing:

[1] – Auto HDR

Windows 11 comes up with this Auto HDR feature to provide realistic colors, beautiful quality, and better frame rates.

[2] – Directx 12

Windows 11 also has this Xbox feature. It helps to maintain frame rates, optimizes performance for a better gaming experience.

[3] – Direct Storage

This feature helps to load games faster. To launch games rapidly, these use graphics card storage.

[4] – Focus Mode

Window 11 provides a focus mode to provide a better experience of gaming. Notifications can be turned off to avoid distraction during playing games.

Does It Cost To Update To Windows 11?

It is currently a free update, and anyone can upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for no cost. However, only PCs running the latest version of Windows 10 and meeting the minimum hardware requirements will be able to update to Windows 11.

Is Windows 11 Faster Than Windows 10?

Yes, Windows 11 feels noticeably faster and smoother. An obvious reason is its better memory management technology. If you have a PC with average specs, you’ll see the difference immediately.

Is Windows 11 Safe To Install Now?

No, it may be risky to install an early version of Windows 11 as some drivers may not be working properly or hardware compatibility issues may arise. This often happens in early versions. You should wait for the final version of Windows 11.

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You could upgrade or update your Windows to Windows 11 since it is free of cost, but it is better to wait until the final windows bug-free version is released to make sure you will not have any issues by upgrading it.

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