How to manage the Cookies, Cache, Internet temporary files and Internet History?

posted by Firas Sameer on October 15, 2010 in SW/HD Maintenance with 0 comments
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You can follow the below steps along with their description pictures to manage the cookies options but I recommend you to use the default security level.

  • Open the Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools tab.

tools menu

  • Select the Internet options.

internet options

  • For deleting all the cache files, cookies, website history click on the Delete button in the browsing history.

delete cookies

  • For managing the cookies, select the Privacy tab, and then click on Advance button.

managing cookies

Note: Leaving the security setting level to Medium as shown above is the default option which I recommend.

  • From the picture below, activate the override option and then sellect the appropriate options that fullfill your requirements.

What happened if I block the cookie options below?

1st party cookies: it is very hard to login anywhere

3rd party cookies: no adverse effects to surfing

managing cookies 2

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