Hardware Devices or Components – How to identify them?

posted by Firas Sameer on May 4, 2011 in SW/HD Maintenance with 2 comments
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PC Hardware Devices or Peripherals drivers

Sometimes when you have a situation of having a PC just formatted but without hardware devices drivers installed on it, you need to get the correct drivers for the computer hardware peripherals or hardware devices and install them to solve this issue and to accomplish that you need to read the below tutorial as it covers several areas of this problem.

PC Hardware Devices and Peripherals

How to identify the Pc hardware components and install the correct drivers for them?

You can prioritize this process starting with the easiest one as per the below points:

  • Using your drivers CD/DVD

You can use the drivers CD that comes with any computer or laptop ones purchased, so using these CD/DVDs is the easiest way to automatically or manually install the correct Pc hardware devices or components drivers.

Note: Learn how to deal with Drivers installation using the Drivers CD/DVD from “How to deal with Windows Drivers?” tutorial.

  • Using the Brand-name of your PC

If you have a brand PC such as HP, Compaq, Del, Gateway…etc then you may find the marking or sticker that will tell you the model number of it, so after that using the manufacturer website you can download all the drivers for its hardware components.

  • Using your Motherboard’s manual

If your PC is not a Brandname PC and you don’t have the Drivers CD/DVD and you want to identify your computer’s hardware devices or components so you may still have the Motherboard user manual that sometimes called “Quick User’s Guide”.

From this guide you can read the Mainboard Specifications that has description that includes:

>The model of the chipset which will be listed under “Chipset”

>The model of the LAN controller which will be listed under “Networking” or “LAN”

>The model of the audio controller which will be listed under “Audio” and so on.

  • Using a third-party software

If you have no Brandname PC with no driver CD/DVD and no manuals (probably you call it a disaster but its not) then the only way that enables you to identify your PC hardware components is to use a 3D party tool, and what I suggest for you is to download and use SiSsoftware Sandra tool that will provide you with all deep details about your PC components; Sandra is a shareware software.

To download SisSoftware Sandra simply click on the below external link button:

Download Sandra 2011 SP2 (2011.6.17.50)

Note: SisSoftware Sandra is compatible with Windows XP,Vista, Win 7 and its size 53.3 MB.

I will post a tutorial article on how to install and use Sandra to get details of your computer’s Hardware


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