How to delete Unerasable files?

posted by Firas Sameer on October 15, 2010 in SW/HD Maintenance with 0 comments
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How to delete files used by other programs in Windows XP & Vista?

un-erasable filesSometimes when we search for temporary files within our computers to delete them in order to make the Windows performance faster or for cleaning the system we find some of those files refuse to be deleted telling that they are used by another programs or the file is currently in use; There are certain tools that help to perform the deleting; below I will show you how to use one of the best FREE tools that perform this action.

Note: Deleting temporary files is one of the methods to speed up the computer, for more details on how to speed up your PC download my FREE e-book from here where showing you 26 points on how to speed up your computer for both Windows XP and Vista.

What precautions I have to know before I delete locked files?

You have to put in mind the files that reject of being deleted might be used by the Windows itself or by one of the software that is working in the background in a hidden mode like antivirus programs…

Also you have to identify if the selected file is used by or infected by a malware or a virus preventing it from being deleted so it’s better to perform a virus scan to all your system before deleting the desired files, and for how to perform the correct way of getting rid of viruses and Trojans please refer to Cleaning from Viruses page.

How to delete those files?

First you have to download and install the FREE FileASSASSIN tool and follow the below steps:

Click on the Download button to start download

Download Now

1. Open the program

program interface
2. Drag and drop the desired file into the file select bar and click Execute to begin as shown below.

link to file
3. After a while you will recieve the message shown below telling you that the execution was succefull.

unlock completed

Note: If you recieved a error message, better you try to sellect the Use the delete on Windows reboot functions from the main program interface as shown in the picture below.delete files

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