The Address – Timelapse

posted by Firas Sameer on January 23, 2011 in Blog Videography with 10 comments
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Two days back, when I saw the sky were cloudy I decided to do something specially when here in Dubai its rare to have such a nice weather during the year only for a couple of weeks, I prepared all my photography stuff, also I have charged the batteries very well, I made a couple of time-lapse videos but I will share soon once I got all the required footage’s.

While I was shooting other locations in Dubai mall I noticed that the Address tower looks awesome with the clouds and all the stuff so I’ve standed on the correct location and started capturing the scene.

As usual I used my Canon 550D but with the below accessories spending around an hour of photos capturing:

  • Lens: 10 – 20 mm Canon
  • Tripod: Manfrotto

I also used the below tools for the editing:

  • Adobe After Effects CS5
  • Adobe Premier  CS5
  • TimeLapse animation: Quick Time

I used the music titled Kyrie Eleison by Solveig’s Song and it took me around 6 hours to complete everything, I hope you like the video as I do.

Do you think the coming videos will be better than this one?

Don’t hesitate to post your comment below.

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10 Responses to The Address – Timelapse

  1. Ameer Ali says:

    Amazing how an hour of capturing photos and six hours of working and I don’t have an idea about the time taken for preparations in order to bring all the peaces together to be done in this wonderful 16 seconds only video. Keep moving forward pro:)

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  2. mungkey says:

    That’s a pretty awesome timelapse clip firas!

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  3. Amer Hameed says:

    Hi Firas, the video is nice , but the music is very sad !!

    I liked the picture but didn’t like music..

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  4. Firas Sameer Firas Sameer says:

    Thanks guys..

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  5. Margit says:

    Timelapse is amazing – also specially nice for me as I lived for one year renting an apartment there. Great place. The music is beautiful perhaps for a different type of filming – would you like to try something different ? It is a touch too sad.

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  6. Firas Sameer Firas Sameer says:

    Lool, thanks Margit for your comment actually I was looking for a specific music for this scene but after viewing many different ones I have chosen this one because it inspired me, I know it gives a sad impression but I believe that is what the scene is meant to be..

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  7. Deena says:

    It’s beautiful

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  8. Firas Sameer Firas Sameer says:

    Thank you Deena…

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  9. Arkan says:

    What are you doing man? 🙂 great work, you are getting higher and higher.


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  10. Firas Sameer Firas Sameer says:

    Thank you Arkan..

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